Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Overcoming the rift in the way of connection GRC plapon

GRC is a type of gypsum board that is often used?? View of quality material that is harsh and waterproof, not a few people are more interested in using material from the jayaboard GRC, Knauf or other types of gypsum board? I myself was agreed that if the GRC quality is better than other types of gypsum board? but unfortunately not good GRC lis gypsum and glue between the boards, but it always cracks on each connection after installation. To the solution is to use coumpound A + B:
coumpound A + B is:
Flour mixed with gypsum in rakol (wood glue).

GRC compound A + B as a base layer made ​​to connect the GRC board. made of strong materials and compounds with the GRC board so as to avoid the possibility of cracks in the joint.


How to use:

     GRC compound A and B mixed with 1:1 ratio and stirred evenly. uneven mixing will inhibit the drying process and does not produce an optimal adhesion.
     The resulting mixture should be used within 30 minutes. Avoid the use of the mixture after the mixture begins to harden, approximately 50 minutes
     GRC layer of compound A and B should be allowed to dry for minimum 24 hours before coating with the next layer.

  Installation order plaponya should also consider the minimum distance at 480 mm by 600 mm spacing hangers.

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