Wednesday, November 14, 2012


PVC Ceiling "Shunda" is a kind of ceiling is made of PVC material is very light and has many advantages such as waterproof, anti termite and does not propagate flame (flame retardant) and is also a response to the lack of other ceiling materials available today. With a flexible material, lightweight and application systems KNOCK DOWN make PVC products "Shunda" can easily be assembled and designed according to desire that makes the room more of clean, modern, stylish, beautiful and luxurious. Ceiling in a layout is a very important element. If a room described as a face of the ceiling is the hair. Therefore, appropriate material selection and the ceiling is very important criteria. Things to consider and made reference to the selection of quality products and modern ceiling now in the latest product named Shunda ceiling PVC CEILING, modern ceiling elements that meet the following criteria:


Modern ceiling should be light weighted. So easy to install, requires no particular skill, it can be done by anyone thus saving labor and in terms of security even reliable. Certainly more lightweight materials to minimize the risk of dangerous injuries.


 If roofs often leak will cause the ceiling to be rotten and moldy. It is of course very disturbing beauty and comfort, modern palfon therefore must meet other important criteria are waterproof. If your leaking roof or tile, then rembesannya not damage your ceiling and physical appearance.


 application Modern society is now really appreciate the time and money. Therefore the selection of the easy applicability ceiling becomes an absolute requirement that must be fulfilled. PVC Ceiling Shunda will challenge those needs by launching products that have been proven very fast and easy to apply. Helping you achieve a modern lifestyle store which all have fast-paced, precise and compact.


 In certain areas, termite infestation can be an inevitable scourge. So if sebuat ceiling products have resistance to termite attack is certainly worthy of your consideration selection. ü does not propagate API (flame retardant) PVC materials have been tested as a material that will not fire if the fire merambatkan. With the use of flame retardant materials that made the fire disaster losses can be minimized.


 Shunda PVC ceiling is made of non-finishing building materials so that you do not have to do the painting as is commonly done when using gypsum ceiling. Of course it will save money, time and effort. Shunda PVC ceilings are available in glossy and matte shades are stylish.


 PVC Ceiling Shunda very easy to clean. The treatment is easy to make you will not lose a lot of time and effort. The beauty of your home and the space was not compromised.


 Shunda makes maintenance-free PVC ceiling meets modern concept of building materials as well as very practical and economical to use for the long term.


 Model and design of PVC Ceiling Shunda so stylish and elegant. Very suitable for those of you who are following the trend of the development of modern architecture. Shunda PVC ceiling can also be molded into a model of innovative ceiling as curved, round and even can set up waves (wave). Various advantages of high-quality materials and modern ceiling of PVC Ceiling Shunda is eligible today's lifestyle. Smart choice for any of you who understand that accuracy in selecting quality materials determines the prestige, comfort, safety, and well as the value of your residential investment.

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